Kintyre House


Situated in Glasgow City Centre, Kintyre House is a five storey building which required full internal refurbishment and assessment of the exterior to allow re-presentation to the marketplace as prime office space.


Entrance areas have been completely re-worked and simplified with new lighting, signage and painting to the front door and metalwork. The reception is now an inviting, sophisticated space with a cool palette including porcelain tiled flooring, cherry timber panelling and coloured back-lit glass. Ceilings have been reconfigured with new minimal lighting enhancing the mood of each space.


The office areas were simply refurbished to provide a neutral backdrop and space planning exercises were carried out to demonstrate the floor plate flexibility and capacities.

Client Bilsdale Properties Ltd
Contact  Peter Handley
Dates  Complete 2010
Value  £750k
Floor Area  2,515 sqM
Services  Interior Design