Aberdeen City Gardens


While the garden is also home to significant indoor and outdoor new cultural facilities – the Butterfly and the Forum – these structures are designed integrally within the surface of the park.


The gently undulating green roofs flow seamlessly into the vegetated landscapes that are entirely public open space and the design floods natural light into the Butterfly structure at all levels. This merger of landscape and architecture springs naturally from the unique, three-dimensional topography of Aberdeen.


"I have looked at countless renewal proposals and the proposal for this park is truly exceptional. It will become, I am confident, much used and loved by locals and citizens alike".

Charles Landry - Director of Comedia and Author of “The Art of City Making”

Client Aberdeen City Garden Trust
Contact Jennifer Craw
Dates  Planning Approval May 2012
Value  £140m
Floor Area  56,000 sqM
Services  Architecture, Interior, Landscape, Planning Consultancy