Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic (ARRNC)


Designed to be a unique clinical research facility, dedicated to the needs of patients with multiple sclerosis and other similar degenerative neurological conditions, this single storey structure will provide a suite of consultation and examination rooms. The patient orientated relaxation and interaction areas around a central atrium will be flooded with natural daylight throughout, creating a relaxed, positive and protective environment for patients and a modern and flexible environment for those who work there.


"Quite apart from the fantastic staff who have been assembled from around the globe to run the Clinic, I am also very impressed with the building itself. It is humbling to see the plans so quickly translated into a living, functioning centre where clinicians, researchers and, most importantly, patients can find their needs met. Every detail seems to have been considered, and I love how the design and the quality of light creates a relaxed, unintimidating and comfortable space where people with these conditions would like to spend time."

- J.K. Rowling

Client Consort Healthcare / University of Edinburgh
Contact Professor Siddarthon
Dates  Complete 2012
Contract  Design & Build
Value  £1.6m
Floor Area  450 sqM
Services  Architecture, Interior, Landscape