Tradeston Regeneration


This initiative for a key area of Tradeston is intended to foster debate on sustainable urban development, and the future for former industrial areas of our cities. Keppie is encouraging collaborative dialogue between parties interested in the future of the site to consider ideas for its development as a catalyst in regenerating the wider urban context. Tradeston’s history as an industrially orientated community with a multitude of mixes to support the people, who lived and worked there, paradoxically holds the key to its future. Where there was once a tenemental morphology of streets and squares, with the Mackintosh designed Scotland Street School at the heart of a community where people lived, learned, played, worshipped, and then worked, more recent strategies have tended to generate a single use industrial environment.


That industrial use is now largely redundant and the buildings which supported the industry – many of them listed – lie empty and underused. Part of this challenge will be to consider how to sensitively breathe new life back into some of these existing structures.

Client Architect led initiative
Contact  David Ross
Dates  Ongoing
Services  Masterplanning, Architecture, Landscape, Urban Design